......Ah! that's where genius are in the making !

Modern School Greater Noida is a school that nurtures desires. Ours is a school where emotions get expressions, expressions get a language and where lifetime’s wishes of being a meritorious persona come true. Driven by the years of experience of Dr. S.D Jain, a magnanimous personality, a great philanthropist, educationist and a good Samaritan also, the founder and the chairman of the Modern School group of institution in NCR and around. Modern School Greater Noida is dedicated to the cause of education and strives to be in the top 10 schools of the area.

This temple of learning, cosmopolitan in its outlook and co-educational in character, aims at producing scholars by imparting education in conformity with the high ideas of truth, tolerance, selfless service and devotion.

The school is resolved to provide a holistic growth of child’s personality where the educational program is learning oriented and out-put centered. It provides an environment for physical, mental and psychological development where equal emphasis is laid on academics, sports and value education. The students are exposed to life skill education, so as to develop themselves into capable, confident, self-independent, morally upright individuals fully equipped to face the multifarious challenges of life and be good citizen of the country.