Modern School

Managing Committee

The School Has Constituted - The School Managing Committee “SMC” As Per The Norms Of The Government/CBSE Consisting Of Fifteen (15) Members.

The SMC shall include the following:

  • The Head of the society under which the school in functioning. He will be a Member Secretary of the School Managing Committee.
  • The Principal and the Vice principal of school.
  • Three other people (of whom one shall be woman); who are/or have been teachers of any other school or of any college, to be nominated by the Society.
  • Three members recommended by the Society nominated by the Board. The names recommended should not be below the rank of a Principal of a Senior Secondary School.
  • The remaining members to be nominated or elected as the case may be, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the society after consultation with the Associate.
  • The term of the members of the SMC shall be three years. A member can be re-nominated for another term, but a member cannot remain in office for more than two consecutive terms expect ex-officio members and the members of the Trust/Society of the Associate’s School.

    The Duties, Powers and Responsibilities Of The School Managing Committee Shall Be As Follows:

  • It has the power to supervise the activities of the school for its smooth functioning.
  • It must look into the welfare of the teachers and employees of the school.
  • It must evolve both short-term and long-term programmes for the improvement of the Associate’s school.
  • It has the powers for making appointment of teachers and non-teaching staff.
  • It must ensure that the norms given in the Act of the State and by the CBSE regarding terms and conditions of service and other rules governing recognition/affiliation of the school are strictly adhered to.