Modern School


  • To impart quality education in pursuit of excellence.
  • Holistic development of the child.
  • To achieve these aims, the society has established and are running several schools.
  • To inculcate patriotic, social and ethical values for becoming a worthy citizen.
  • To instill civic sense and responsibility towards society.
  • To channelize the inexhaustible energy of the youth in the right direction, co-relating scholastic attainments with creativity, self-sufficiency and full utilization of talents.


The objective is to develop a multi-faceted personality of the children so that when they leave the portal of the school, they find themselves physically fit, mentally alert, morally sound and emotionally well balanced. The students of this school are expected to be fully confident, forward looking and a worthy citizen of the country. Our culture is blended with modernity and is imbibed in the youth with innovations suited to the modern technological era. The school makes no distinction of caste, creed orcolour, it provides admissions to all, irrespective of religion and nationality. The school is secular, having liberal and enlightened cultural background.